MARYLAND made all steel CHROMEBOOK ~ recharge,DISTANCE LEARNING and PODIUM carts for 


Shipped from our integration facility in Street Maryland. You can purchase the MS34 DL presenter or the SHORTY, as an empty cart or fully integrated.

Integrated cart comes complete and tested with 

Cart, 2000 lumens Dukane projector, Logitech Powered speakers, 6  outlet UL power strip, 20ft UL power cord. LAPTOP NOT INCLUDED

Shipping weight empty cart 55 pounds

Integrated weight cart 90 pounds 

If you are implementing a distance learning solution and wondered how do I present large enough for the entire classroom to see???Look no farther than discoverycart's MS34 DL presenter. With your camera equipped laptop on top the fully adjustable projector shelf can make that image as large as the wall or the big screen in the gym or auditorium. This compact cart 20X20X34h" uses soft 3" casters to easily navigate any tight classroom. Its all steel construction locks up tightly and can even be locked to a wall with our secure wall lock system. Ergonomicaly designed to assemble work platforms for your laptop, adjustable projector shelf and speaker equipment shelf, our little presenter has a folding side shelf that gives you a total of almost 4 sq. ft of work space. 

TRY OUR NEW SHORTY CART. Only 27" tall and dosent get in the way. Same great features as our MS34. Check out the 18" CAMERA STALK.

Maryland Made

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